Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Why hello tharr

I havent been the most active, have I? 

To be perfectly honest, I havent drawn much worth showing these past few months. I am hoping that will change, but right now i have been drawing angel christmas cards to hopefully license out via my agent.  Im pretty sick of drawing angels, however.  But theres almost always one thing about a picture or a group of pictures/project I am particularly happy with.... so I thought i'd post it just for anyone whos reading. (is anyone? helloooo? are you out there?).

I just like this face. More than the actual face, but the technique involved in rendering it and the effect i'm getting to come though - it looks quite natural but its heavy digital on top of heavy pencil. What do you think?  (the eyes are the only digital-looking part, I had to correct them)